I think having different worlds in Mining Simulator is honestly awesome. Each world at certain points can help greatly with earning rebirth coins (which I will be referring to as RBCs) and rebirthing overall. But what if, during certain periods of time, all of these worlds could have even more benefits for those two things?

Let's face it: rebirthing and RBC collecting can be an annoying process (and yes, I'm aware it should be a hard process so people are encouraged to keep playing but hear me out). Though it gets much easier pass the 5 or 10 rebirth mark, it's always annoying having to upgrade your tools and backpacks to a certain level just to get enough money to rebirth and rinsing and repeating that same process over and over. And once you get 75 rebirths' you can get the lowest level permanent backpack with rebirth coins, in which that backpack still only holds 100,000 blocks. Now, this is a small help, but the process can still be time consuming, and to get a better backpack, you'll have to get over 100 more rebirths, and that doesn't even include if someone wants to buy a tool or hat from the RB shop. To sum it up, it's very hard; I'm not saying it shouldn't be. But having a break from the super tough rebirthing system could possibly rejuvenate a player's determination to keep playing

This event happens every few days (or maybe even weeks), and only lasts for around 15-30 minutes. During this event, all blocks in every world will be worth 5 times there original value. And, when a player rebirths, they get double or triple the amount of usual RBCs. This might cause a bit of inflation or something in the IG eco, but it could be regulated by reducing the amount of RBCs earn at the Group Reward Prize thing or maybe making RB shop items worth a little more.

This event could also bring in extra robux. During the event, players can buy extra time for the server they are on for maybe 25-50 robux for every 2 extra minutes. Furthermore, there could be different items that only work during the event. These items could be received from a mystery crate that can only be bought with robux (the crate could be bought at any time, but the extra time item can only be bought during the event.

Also, maybe there could be a server mining goal! If the server mining goal is reached during the event, all players could receive a Speed Event badge!

If anyone has any ideas/criticism for this event, please let me know! I'm aware this could possibly be too OP, and I'm open for any additions! Hopefully you take my idea into consideration!