This list is intended to help players avoid scams or bad trades. Feel free to add tips to this list. We won't delete them.


The dos:

  1. Know your item. If you do not recognize the item DO NOT trade until you figure out if the item is worth your time, money, etc.
  2. If a trade offer sounds too good to be true, it probably isn't good to trade with them.
  3. Always know what the item you are buying/selling is worth. You never want to appear as a person who overprices things, or not profit enough from the items you find.
  4. In addition to the above tip, make sure the item the person is offering is worth as much as the item you're offering. For example, a Rare for Rare is a good trade, while Mythical for Common is a bad trade.
  5. If you have multiple copies of an item, it's a good idea to trade those that you don't need.
  6. If someone offers you a lot of crates, (probably in the hundreds or up, definitely a thousand) they are probably duplicated crates. don't trade with those people.
  7. Try to check the other’s inventory before and try to make a good trade, like Legendary Hat Crate for a Legendary Egg.
  8. Make sure you don't spam the trade, Because some people can go over 10 mythicals 50,000 epics, or 100 legendaries. And please check yours too, you don't wanna overdo it.
  9. If you have a duplicate, you can trade it but if the same user has it, it's okay to trade it.
  10. Use Sence to Sence. Do not leave the game when you said "I'll have it for a bit." Because you can't return to that server unless you Friend that user. And please Don't own it to another user. Then the user will keep it forever and ever unless you don't wanna trade now...