Sir Minesalot was an event quest giver found in the Home World, lasting from 8/10/18 to 8/31/18. He was orignally intended to last until 8/24 before a 1 week extension. The quest is now over.

For finishing his 16 pre-set quests, he gave out his own Like a Sir hat. (It is now only obtainable by trading.) He is a retired miner who requested you to mine for various causes. He often forgets items for his family, donates to charity, and gives extravagant gifts to his children. Then, he got greedy.


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Like a Sir Hat

Quest# World Requirements Rewards
1 Home World 16 Emerald

12 Ruby


30 Rebirth Tokens
2 Home World Diamond

4 Dravite

2 Unobtainium

60 Rebirth Tokens
3 Home World 6 Legendary Stone

3 Illuminite

90 Rebirth Tokens
4 Candy Land 25 Heart Candy

12 Egg Candy

Legendary Egg
5 Toy Land 32 Airplane Ore

21 Teddybear Ore

100 Rebirth Tokens
6 Toy Land 35 Car Ore

28 Spaceship Ore

23 Teddybear Ore

125 Rebirth Tokens
7 Food Land 47 Nachos

31 Watermelons

Legendary Hat Crate
8 Food Land

27 Bananas

25 Bacon

22 Watermelon

21 Nachos

18 Hotdogs

200 Rebirth Tokens
9 Dino Land 42 Pyrite

34 Jade

28 Cannibar

Mythical Egg
10 Atlantis 60 Pearls

26 Ancient Gems

Mythical Crate
11 Atlantis 80 Gold Coins 200 Rebirth Tokens
12 Atlantis 57 Pearls

39 Ancient Artifacts

22 Ancient Gems

250 Rebirth Tokens
13 Atlantis 32 Ancient Gems Mythical Hat Crate
14 The Beach 68 Sunscreen Ore

54 Sunglasses

250 Rebirth Tokens
15 The Beach 53 Ice Cream

37 Ice Pop

Mythical Egg
16 Home World 5 Rainbowite

15 Shadow Stone

Like a Sir

Like other quest-givers, once the final pre-set quest is complete, Sir Minesalot gave randomized quests which required large amounts of higher-difficulty ores from various worlds. However, the ores would all be found at one zone - Minesalot would declare where the quests' ores could be mined.


  • Sir Minesalot's name is a mix of the words "Mines a lot".
  • Sir Minesalot is the first quest giver that gives quests for more worlds than they appear in, the first challenge quest giver, and the first who gave out more than 9 pre-set quests.
  • Due to difficulty, players could have bypassed rare ore requirements with existing Skip Quest Product introduced and bought with 30 ROBUX per requirment.
  • Sir Minesalot is one of three quest givers so far with the possibility of being rewarded with a Mythical Egg or Mythical Hat Crate.
    • Scuba Sam and Tanning Taya are the other two.
    • The name "Mines a lot" comes from the name "Sir Meows a Lot" from Denis.