Rebirthing is a feature which allows players to sacrifice their tools, backpacks and coins to increase their Ore Value and acquire Rebirth Tokens.

Rebirth Prices

The formula for calculating rebirth price is 10,000,000(n+1) coins, where n is the player's Rebirth count. For example, the price for a player with 3 rebirths is 40,000,000 coins: (3+1)*10,000,000.

Items bought with coins increase in price along with Rebirths - these are the formulas.

  • Tools and Backpacks: (1 + Rebirth count) / 2 * Base Price, 1/2 ores needed from before Rebirthing.
  • Eggs and Crates: (1 + Rebirth count) * Base Price - same amount of ores to get at any point without Cosmetics.


Each rebirth adds +1x, starting with 2x with the first, to the player's permanent ore value multiplier. It also applies to gems collected during a mine collapse. After the first rebirth, all coin prices scale with increased ore values.

For every rebirth, the player gains 20 Rebirth Tokens. These can be used in the Rebirth Shop, fully displayed in the Tokens page itself. Owning the 2x Tokens gamepass will grant 40 tokens per rebirth. During the Halloween 2018 Event, a Rebirth gave out 10 Candycorn (doubled by Halloween Day and 2x Candy Corn).

Rebirthing also advances long-term objectives in the game. Certain Pets and Quests require Rebirths to be evolved or completed. Rebirthing may also provide access to Zones. The following zones can be accessed via rebirths:

However, The player loses all Coins, Tools, and Backpacks except items and gamepasses purchased with Robux or rebirth tokens. The prices of Tools, Backpacks, Eggs and Crates buyable with Coins increase, but scale with the ore value increase. Selling items and buying Coins directly is less impactful. If not going for a Quest, going for a Rebirth as quickly as possible decreases the time, in coins, lost per Rebirth.

  • Things bought with Rebirth Tokens or Robux are not affected by the price increase, nor are reset.

Rebirth Shop

List of items currently available in the Rebirth shop: Tools can be enchanted with tokens, base and max enchant/levels listed.

List of items no longer in the Rebirth shop:

Item Cost (Tokens) Info Image
Clout Goggles 50,000 Permanently unlocks the Clout Goggles Hat.
[x2.5 value / x2.95 speed / +1337 power]
Clout Goggles (Hat)
XL Clout Goggles 100,000 Permanently unlocks the XL Clout Goggles Accessory.
[x3.0 value / x3.0 speed / +2000 power]
XL Clout Goggles
Bacon Pet Hair 35,000 Permanently unlocks the Bacon Pet Hair Accessory
[x2.75 value / x2.75 speed / +900 power]
Bacon doggo

Pet Leveling

Some pets have a Rebirth requirement to level up further. These pets are listed below:

Show/Hide Pet Requirements

Pet Amount Level
Beach Boi 4/8/12 8/9/10
Golden Unicorn
Clouticorn 2/2/6/12 6/8/9/10
Crab 2/4/10/10 6/8/9/10
Night Dweller
Inferno Dragon 2/4/10/10 6/7/9/10
Lightning Raptor 4/10/10 8/9/10
Light Pupper 2/2/8/14 6/8/9/10
Oof Doggo
Pirate Pupper 3/10/10 8/9/10
Patriotic Blob 4/6/14 8/9/10
All Legendary Pets
bar Dragon
2/4 9/10

Quests Requirements

Some Quests requires players to rebirth a certain amount of time to finish the quest.

Show/Hide Quest Requirements

Quest Giver Rebirths Quest No.
Spaceman Steve 1 9th
Toy Collector Tim 1 8th
Adventure Allen 3 6th
Scuba Sam 2 8th
Tanning Taya 1 2nd
2 3rd
1 5th
10 9th
5 10th


35 5th
7 12th
9 14th