Rebirthing is a feature which allows players to sacrifice their tools, backpacks and coins to increase their Ore Value and acquire Rebirth Tokens.

Rebirth Price

The formula for calculating rebirth price is 10,000,000(n+1) coins, where n is the player's Rebirth count. For example, the price for a player with 3 rebirths is 40,000,000 coins.



Each rebirth adds 1x to the player's permanent ore value multiplier, starting at 2x with the first rebirth. It stacks with any ore value from Cosmetics. Cosmetics and any tools/backpacks purchased with Robux or Rebirth Tokens will not be lost after rebirthing.

When you rebirth you dont need a better tool to mine things such as rainbowite or shadow stone.

For every rebirth, the player acquires 20 Rebirth Tokens. These can be used in the Rebirth Shop. Owning the 2x Tokens gamepass will grant 40 tokens per rebirth.

Rebirthing also advances long-term objectives in the game. Certain Pets and Quests require Rebirths to be evolved or completed. Rebirthing may also provide access to Zones. The following zones can be accessed via rebirths:


Upon rebirthing, the player loses all coins, Tools, and Backpacks that were not purchased with Robux or Rebirth Tokens. Each rebirth, the price of Tools, Backpacks, Eggs and Crates buyable with Coins increase.

  • Things buyable with Rebirth Tokens and Robux are not affected by the price increase.

The formula for the increase is:

  • Eggs and Crates: (1 + Rebirth count) * Base Price

Pet Leveling

Some pets may have a Rebirth requirement to level up. These pets are listed below:

Pet Amount Level
Golden Unicorn 12 9
Rainbowcorn 2 6,8
Inferno Dragon 2/4 6/7
Clouticorn 2/2/6/12 6/8/9/10
Pirate Pupper 3/10/10 8/9/10
Lightning Raptor 4 7

Rebirth Shop

Items in this shop can be purchased with Rebirth Tokens. Exclusive equipment and Legendary/Mythical items are available here. If you have purchased multiple tools/bags from the rebirth shop, it will always switch to the best ones you have after rebirthing.

Item Cost (Tokens) Info
Legendary Hat Crate 180 Provides 1x Legendary Hat Crate.

[Can be purchased unlimited times]

Legendary Crate 140 Provides 1x Legendary Skin Crate.

[Can be purchased unlimited times]

Legendary Egg 180 Provides 1x Legendary Egg.

[Can be purchased unlimited times]

Mythical Crate 1,000 Provides 1x Mythical Skin Crate.

[Can be purchased unlimited times]

Mythical Hat Crate 1,250 Provides 1x Mythical Hat Crate.

[Can be purchased unlimited times]

Mythical Egg 1,250 Provides 1x Mythical Egg.

[Can be purchased unlimited times]

Clout Goggles 50,000 Provides 1x Clout Goggles hat. See stats here.

[Can be purchased unlimited times]

Galactic Bucket 1,500 Permanently unlocks the Galactic Bucket backpack.

[1,000,000 Storage]

Inferno Pack 2,500 Permanently unlocks the Inferno Pack backpack.

[3,000,000 Storage]

Deluxo 6000 5,000 Permanently unlocks the Deluxo 6000 backpack.

[6,500,000 Storage]

Golden Tank 7,500 Permanently unlocks the Golden Tank backpack.

[10,000,000 Storage]

MOAB 8,000 Permanently unlocks the MOAB tool.

[1,250 Mining Power | 14 Blast Size]

Poseidon's Trident 2,000 Permanently unlocks the Poseidon's Trident tool.

[250 Mining Power | x80 Mining Speed]

Demon Reaper 5,000 Permanently unlocks the Demon Reaper tool.

[450 Mining Power | x150 Mining Speed]

Ice Staff 10,000 Permanently unlocks the Ice Staff tool.

[600 Mining Power | x200 Mining Speed]

Fire Bane 20,000 Permanently unlocks the Fire Bane tool.

[1,000 Mining Power | x225 Mining Speed, can be upgraded]

Lightning Hammer 55,000 Permanently unlocks the Lightning Hammer tool.

[1,650 Mining Power | x180 Mining Speed, can be upgraded]