The Private Mine is a personal mine available via the Private Mine game pass for 150 R$.


Private Mines are essentially a miniature version of the Home World mine that is in a separate zone. The surface size is quite small (3x3 blocks). However, it widens at 10 blocks deep (when you pass the black wall).

Private Mines are not only usable by the owner, but also by the owner's Roblox friends. They are commonly used to avoid harassment from other players (known as griefing or trolling).


The Private Mine is very utilitarian in design. It has red clay-colored walls, a shop, a sell area, and the mine itself.


To access Private Mines, walk into the circle near the NPC "Miner Mike". He is located to the right of the Home World mine. The "Teleport" button will take you to your mine (if you own one). Note that the "Friends Mines" list will display any friends you have in the server, even if they do not own a Private Mine.

Known Issues

  • Using the "Sell" option while in a Private Mine will teleport the player to the Main World's sell area, rather than the one in the Private Mine.
  • There have been instances where players were able to access Private Mines through game glitches/bugs.
  • When the mine collapses, players in a Private Mine will be teleported to the Main World's surface rather than the surface of the Private Mine
  • Only usable in home world.