The purpose of the Manual of Style is to ensure uniformity among articles and images on the wiki. They are not rules, but rather guidelines to help users make quality edits.


  1. Proper grammar and Standard English should be used. For more information, see here.
    • A writing-enhancement app such as Grammarly may be helpful, even if you are confident in your English skills.
  2. Articles should not contain biased information (in-article comments, anecdotes, etc.).
  3. The tone should be neutral and consistent throughout the text.
  4. Articles should not be written in first-person.
  5. Italics or bold should be used if emphasis is needed. ALL CAPITALS should not be used.
  6. Sentence case should be used in paragraphs. Start case (capitalizing the first letter of each word) should not be used.


Article images should:

  1. Be relevant to the page
  2. Be taken with the highest graphics settings
  3. Be in Portable Network Graphics (.png) format
  4. Be named appropriately
    • For example: "Ore-Atlantis-Ancient Gem.png" NOT "RobloxScreenShot20180712_234137078.png")
    • If you are unsure what to name an image, refer to other images in the same category.
  5. Be placed in the correct image category

Article images should not:

  1. Have watermarks or irrelevant logos
  2. Be taken directly from a TV or monitor with a camera or mobile device
  3. Contain players, name tags, or particle effects from equipment (unless relevant to the article)


All item and zone articles should have the correct infobox. Parameters for each infobox can be viewed on the infobox's template page (see table).

Page Type Infobox
Ore {{Infobox-Ore}}
Tool {{Infobox-Tool}}
Backpack {{Infobox-Backpack}}
Pet {{Infobox-Pets}}
Hat {{Infobox-Hats}}
Zone {{Infobox-Zone}}
Container {{Infobox-GeneralItems}}
Gamepass {{Infobox-Gamepass}}


A template is a special type of page that has been designed so its content can be included in other pages. Since a given template can be included in many pages, it can help promote a uniform style between pages. You can see the parameters of each template in its documentation.

Notice Templates
Template Purpose
{{Delete}} Mark a page for deletion
{{Improve}} Mark a page that has style issues or missing/incorrect information
{{Stub}} Mark pages that lack information, but are formatted correctly
{{FanContent}} Mark pages that contain fan content (game ideas)
{{GeneralNotice}} Box that can be used for other notices

Page Layout

Content in final version would be:

Help:Manual of Style/Page Layout|General
Help:Manual of Style/Example: Ore|Ore
Help:Manual of Style/Example: Tool|Tool
Help:Manual of Style/Example: Backpack|Backpack
Help:Manual of Style/Example: Pet|Pet
Help:Manual of Style/Example: Hat|Hat
Help:Manual of Style/Example: Zone|Zone
Help:Manual of Style/Example: Container|Egg/Crate
Help:Manual of Style/Example: Gamepass|Gamepass


A category is a group of pages with a similar theme. Articles should include the following categories, based on topic:

  • Equipment: Secondary and tertiary
  • Minable: Secondary and tertiary (if applicable)
  • Other Information: Primary OR secondary (not both)
  • Zones: Primary only
Game Content Sub-Categories
Primary Secondary Tertiary
Equipment Pets Mythical Pets | Legendary Pets | Epic Pets | Rare Pets | Common Pets
Hats Mythical Hats | Legendary Hats | Epic Hats | Rare Hats | Unique Hats | Common Hats
Skins Mythical Skins | Legendary Skins | Epic Skins | Rare Skins | Unique Skins | Common Skins
Tools Rebirth Shop Tools | Candy Land Tools | Toy Land Tools | Food Land Tools | Dino Land Tools | Atlantis Tools
Backpacks Rebirth Shop Backpacks | Food Land Backpacks | Dino Land Backpacks | Atlantis Backpacks
Minable Layers
Ores Main World Ores | Space Adventure Ores | Candy Land Ores | Toy Land Ores | Food Land Ores | Dino Land Ores | Atlantis Ores
Other Information Crates

Other Categories: Image Sorting Categories | Community Categories

Further Help

If you need help using any features, feel free to message a moderator or administrator. You can also refer to the Help pages or Fandom's Community Central.