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The Leaderboards in Mining Simulator consist of chalkboards displaying the top players in one of three categories. They update at specific intervals.

Miners of the Day

Miners of the Day is a chalkboard that displays the top 100 players who have gained the most Blocks Mined throughout the current day. It is the only leaderboard which resets at a specific interval. Due to this, it is difficult to determine the #1 player in this category. It is very competitive, with the top players mining multiple billions of blocks daily.

Top Miners

Top Miners is a chalkboard that displays the top 100 players with the highest Blocks Mined stat. The current #1 player for this category is clumsyawesomedude.

Most Rebirths

Most Rebirths is a chalkboard that displays the top 100 players with the highest Rebirth stat. It has been a controversial leaderboard, with the top players regularly changing. The current #1 player for this category is GhOsTFaCep.

Leaderboard Lists

Below are the current leaderboards for top miner and most rebirths as of September 12th, 2018. (top 15th only)

Top Miner

Position Username
1 clumsyawesomedude
2 critixx
3 davonxp
4 babyjoshua101
5 nathan5567891
6 silvercharz
7 blocksofunzo1344
8 kosmitx
9 kelogish
10 egcunn02
11 r0senson
12 roblox_senchrl
13 darealbigboss888
14 memeaccount123
15 twitch_prismatichub

Most Rebirth

Position Username
1 TigerxTuga
2 GhOsTFaCep
3 MyNizzyzShizzy
4 teodorneck26
5 ItzGhost22
6 cnsilver0925
7 Atomic_jayden1
8 Ava_x0x
9 szneverup
10 dels95
11 Engineer0730
13 migalone
14 infernal_snake
15 Dev_Egg


  • On July 20, 2018, an update was released with a new pet-leveling feature. Upon the game updating, there was a bug allowing users to mine at impossible speeds, with many people topping both the Miners of the Day leaderboard and the Top Miners leaderboard. The bug was fixed the same day, and the users with the insanely high stats were reset within the next few days.
  • In July 2018, the Most Rebirths leaderboard was topped by Angelic_Mistress within a couple of days. Despite many accusations and doubts over their legitimacy, the moderation team claimed that they were legitimate and their stats remained. They set the current all-time record with over 262,000 rebirths. On July 29, 2018, their stats were wiped seemingly out of nowhere and the #1 player became MyNizzysShizzy, with around 100,000 rebirths at the time. The reason given for this was exploiting.