The Halloween 2018 Updates is a series of major events done to the game, dubbed as "the largest update ever". It was split into 4 separate updates to contain the content, leading up to the holiday itself. The Halloween World is where all of this takes place. The event was planned to end on 11/01/18, but has been extended by 1 week to 11/09/18.

Quests: Wicked Witch (I) | Steve the Skeleton (II) | Count Dracula (III) | Secret NPC
Shops: Spooky Scary Skeleton (I) | Traveling Troll (II) | Gift Shop (IV)

Update Changelog
Update Date Info
1 10/5/18
2 10/12/18
  • Traveling Troll: new items every day.
  • Steve the Skeleton questline
  • Darkness Pack
  • Make it rain candycorn!
3 10/19/18
  • Secret NPC quest 3/3 👀
  • Count Dracula questline
  • MEGA Candy Corn Rain!
  • Hall of Fame statues for top players
  • 9+ new items
4 (Surprise) 10/25/18
  • Gift Shop
  • New item rotation
  • 6 new items
  • 2x Candycorn on Halloween Day (October 31 Only)


Items with an asterisk (*) can´t be found in Halloween Crates/Eggs.


Name Rarity Jump Power Mining Speed Ore Value Mining Power Image
Dark Dominus* Mythical x2.4 x2.55 +700
Dark Dominus
Pumpkin Fedora Mythical x2.9 x2.8 +760
Pumpkin Fedora

Demon Tail





Demon Tail
Eerie Pumpkin* Mythical x3.25 x2.8 +1500
Eerie Pumpkin
Halloween Clout Goggles* Mythical x3.00 x2.8 +1100
Halloween Clout Goggles
Halloween Top Hat Mythical x2.7 x2.4 +700
Halloween Top Hat
Haunted Dominus* Mythical x2.7 x2.6 +800
Haunted Dominus
Midnight Reaper Mythical x2.65 x2.6 +800
Midnight Reaper
Midnight Sorcerer * Mythical x2.8 x2.6 +800
Midnight Sorcerer
Demon Horns Legendary x1.8 x1.6 +225
Demon Horns
Halloween Headrow Legendary x1.8 +500
Halloween Headrow
Wannabe Wizard Epic x1.25 +30
Wannabe Wizard
Skull Head Rare +50
Skull Head
Frankenstein Rare +5 +40
Spooky Mask Unique +30
Spooky Mask
Bat Wings Common +20

Name Rarity Walk Speed Jump Power Ore Value Mining Speed Mining Power Image
Candycorn Mythical 2.70 2.40 2.70
Candycorn (Pet)
Cursed Skull* Mythical x2.40 x3.00 x3.00
Cursed Skull
Dark Eyeball Mythical x2.45 x2.2 x2.5
Dark Eyeball
Devil Mythical x2.60 x2.40 x2.60
Eyeball Mythical x1.80 x3.00 x2.70
Evil Crawler Mythical x2.40 x2.70 x2.50
Evil Crawler
Rainbow 8 Leg Mythical x2.90 x2.0 x2.70
Rainbow 8 Leg
Reaper* Mythical x2.10 x3.05 x3.10
Zombie Oof Mythical x2.50 x2.60 x2.30
Zombie Oof
Ghost Legendary x2.40 x2.20 x1.4
Zombiecorn Legendary x1.50 x2.70 -
Zombie Cat Epic +3 x1.60 x1.25 -
Zombie Cat
Golden Pumpkin Epic (With effect of Mythical) x1.30 x1.40 x2.00
Golden Pumpkin
Frankenpet Rare +1 - x1.40 x1.60
Pumpkin Common +3 +1 x1.10 - -

Name Rarity Mining Speed Ore Value Mining Power Image
Cursed Horns Mythical x2.4 x2.6 +650
Cursed Horns
Dark Wings* Mythical x2.8 x2.8 +400
Dark Wings
Mini Scythe Mythical x2.6 x2.75 +450
Mini Scythe
Spider Legs Mythical x2.1 x2.5 +950
Spider Legs
Pet Wiz Legendary x1.65 x1.4 +175
Pet Wiz
Halloween Shades Epic - x1.3 +45
Halloween Shades
Halloween Headphones Rare - x1.1 -
Halloween Headphones
Ghost Fedora Unique x1.15 - -
Ghost Fedora
Bat Wings Common - - +10
Bat Wings (Accessory)

Name Rarity Ore Value Mining Speed Mining Power Image
Trick or Treat Mythical x2.20 x2.00 +400
Midnight Horror Mythical x2.10 x1.90 +425
Eyeballs Legendary x1.30 x1.25 +100
Cauldrons Legendary x1.20 1.30 +150
Bats Epic x1.60 - +60
Cats Rare - - +60
Pumpkin Spice Unique - - +15 N/A
RIP Common - - +5 N/A

Name Rarity Ore Value Mining Speed Mining Power Image
Pumpkin Inferno (Skin) Mythical x1.60 x1.60 +600
Midnight Horror (Skin) Mythical x1.55 x1.45 +600



Item Name Mining Power Mining Speed Image
Broom 450 Mining Power x50 Speed Boost
Zombie Staff 900 Mining Power x225 Speed Boost
Zombie Staff
Reaper Axe 1200 Mining Power x220 Speed Boost
Reaper Axe


Item Name Storage Image
Pumpkin Backpack 25,000,00
Pumpkin Backpack


Item Name Image Item Name Image
Haunted Egg
Haunted Egg
Spooky Egg
Spooky Egg
Haunted Hat Crate
Haunted Hat Crate
Spooky Hat Crate
Spooky Hat Crate
Haunted Accessory Crate
Haunted Accessory Crate
Spooky Accessory Crate
Spooky Accessory Crate
Haunted Skin Crate
Haunted Skin Crate
Spooky Skin Crate
Spooky Skin Crate
Haunted Trail Crate
Haunted Trail Crate
Spooky Trail Crate
Spooky Trail Crate