Pets are nameable collectible items that follow behind their owner, providing beneficial effects. They're obtained by hatching Eggs or by purchasing special in-game packages. You can only have one pet or egg equipped at a time. There are currently 246 pet variations to be collected, including all the different type of colors of each pet. After gaining all the non-limited pet variations, you will be awarded with the Super Pet Collector badge.

Leveling Up (Evolving)

All pets may also be leveled up to a maximum level of 10. Each level provides Rebirth Tokens and better statistics. Pets can be stacked, but any progress towards a level will make them seperate.

In order to level up, a certain amount of total blocks, specfic ores, and rebirths must be achieved. Rarer and higher level pets require more blocks/rebirths and different ores to be found.

Possible Pet Colors

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Blue Orange Yellow
Brown Pink White
Green Purple Gray
Red Black (Unicorn only)

List of Pets

List Key For:
Italic R$ Item Underline+Itatlic Unavailable R$ Item Species
Bold: Best Stat Overall


Worst Stat Overall Stats
() Level 10 Stats ^^^^^^
  • Patriotic Unicorn was available as part of the Patriotic Pack for 499R$ to celebrate Memorial Day 2018.
  • Patriotic Blob was available as part of the July 4th Pack for 999R$ to celebrate Independence Day 2018.
  • Shadow Unicorn is available in the Shadow Pack for 1,299R$.
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Species Walkspeed Jump Power Coin-iconOre Value Mining speed-iconMining Speed Mining power-iconMining Power
Clouticorn x2.5 (x3.3) x2.4 (x3.2) x2.5 (x3.6)
Crab x2.4 (x3.1) x2.4 (x3.2) x2.4 (x3.0)
Golden Unicorn x2.0 (x3.5) x2.3 (x3.8) x2.3 (x3.6)
Light Pupper x2.6 (x3.45) x2.45 (x3.25) x2.3 (x3.6)
Inferno Dragon x1.0 (x1.5) x2.9 (x4.0) x2.5 (x3.5)
Lightning Raptor x2.8 (x3.9) x1.5 (x2.2) x2.2 (x3.1)
Night Dweller x2.4 (x3.5) x2.1 (x3.2) x2.1 (x3.3)
Beach Boi x2.3 (x3.75) x2.1 (x3.4) x2.35 (x3.6)
Oof Doggo x2.7 (x3.45) x2.45 (x3.35) x2.6 (x3.75)
Patriotic Blob x2.5 (x3.1) x2.5 (x3.0) x2.5 (x3.3)
Pirate Pupper x2.9 (x4.1) x2.0 (x3.0) x1.8 (x2.4)
Rainbowcorn x2.4 (x3.2) x2.5 (x3.1) x2.45 (x3.5)
Alien x2.6
Angel x1.75 x1.75 x1.35
Bacon Doggo x1.9 x1.9 x1.9
Bread Boi x1.8 (x2.5) x2.1 (x3.0) x1.5 (x2.2)
Demon +8 (+16) x2.0 (x3.0) x1.0 x(1.7)
Dino x2.0 x2.0 x1.7
Dragon +2 +5 x1.45
Drone x2.0 x1.25
Fireball x2.25 x1.35
Narwhal x1.25 x1.45 x1.45
Octopus x1.45 x1.45 x1.45
Patriotic Unicorn x1.6 x2.2 x1.3
Penguin x1.5 x1.4 x1.4
Pterodactyl x1.25 x2.5
Shadow Unicorn x2.1 (x3.2) x1.8 (x2.5) x1.8 (x2.25)
Shark x1.2 x2.25
Skeleton +2 x1.8
Unicorn +4 x1.5 x1.45
Vampire x1.7 x2.1
Doggy +2 x1.45
Golem x1.5 (Stone)
Kitty +2 +5 x1.0 (x1.35)
Monster +0.10 x1.25 x1.5
Bat +6
Bunny +2 +0.10
Mouse +3
Spider +7