Green Sparkle Time
Hats are items that can be obtained from opening any of the 6 different rarities of hat crates, from trading with other players, certain quests, and occasionally obtaining limited hats from game passes, such as the 4th of July patriotic pack which gave the player the Wings of a patriot, Starry patriot and the Patriotic Blob.

You may wear a maximum of 3 hats at any one time, and each hat has certain multipliers, one for mining speed, one for ore value and one which adds an amount to your tool's mining power. These effects stack on the base of the Tool that you are using and they do not stack on other hats, for example if you have 3 hats with a 2x mining speed multiplier, the multiplier will be 2 + 2 + 2 = 6 and not 2 * 2 * 2 = 8.

Upon collecting every Non-Limited hat in the game (every hat that can still be obtained from opening the 6 different crates in the game) you will be awarded the 'Super Hat Collector' badge.

The 6 limited hats that are currently in the game are the Bunny Ears, the Patriotic Dominus, the Wings of a Patriot, the Shadow Dominus, the Clout Goggles and Like a Sir

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List of Hats

  • Bunny Ears was available during the Easter 2018 event in crates or in a pack for 375R$.
  • Patriotic Dominus was available as part of the Patriotic Pack for 499R$ to celebrate Memorial Day 2018.
  • Wings of a Patriot was available as part of the July 4th Pack for 999R$ to celebrate Independence Day 2018.
  • Shadow Dominus is available in the Shadow Pack for 1,299R$.
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