• The Evolution Map.

    Infinity Tools

    August 15, 2018 by The Evolution Map.

    Hi, today I will show you an ideas for best equipment ingame.

    • cost: 10,000 R$
    • mining power: ∞
    • speed boost: ∞

    • cost: 10,000 R$
    • mining power: ∞
    • speed boost: ∞

    • cost: 10,000 R$
    • placed on: Rainbowite
    • teleports you to: depth 10,000

    • cost: 10,000 R$
    • storage: ∞
    • sell button included

    • costs: 50,000 R$

    Note: if someone uses thoose tool, he will delete every female NPC

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  • Bryan Avelino


    August 14, 2018 by Bryan Avelino
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  • KingDDDpression

    Little update

    August 14, 2018 by KingDDDpression

    Ok so I found out that a lot of the tool requirements for ores are outdated as hell.  So yeah that explains my editing spree :ok_hand:

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  • Shalom Sasson

    The hardest quests

    August 12, 2018 by Shalom Sasson

    Hi everyone, today I'll show you the hardest quests you will ever do in each world:

    • 200 Mythic Stone
    • 200 Legendary Stone/Light Chests
    • 200 Shadow Stones
    • 200 Illuminites
    • 200 Rainbowites

    • 200 Zircons
    • 200 Dravites
    • 200 Mythic Stones
    • 200 Legendary Stones
    • 200 Godly Gems

    • 200 Gummy Ores
    • 200 Candy Fish Ores
    • 200 Candy Floss Ores
    • 200 Heart Candies
    • 200 Egg Candies

    • 200 Car Ores
    • 200 Spaceship Ores
    • 200 Airplane Ores
    • 200 Tank Ores
    • 200 Teddy Ores

    • 200 Bacons
    • 200 Nachos
    • 200 Watermelons
    • 200 Pizzas
    • 200 Hotdogs

    • 200 Pyrites
    • 200 Skeletons
    • 200 Jades
    • 200 Cannibars
    • 200 Godly Gems

    • 200 Pearls
    • 200 Ancient Artifacts
    • 200 Ruby Chests
    • 200 Sapphire Chests
    • 200 Ancient Gems

    • 200 Ice Creams
    • 200 Chlorites
    • 200 Ice Pops
    • 200 Mithrils
    • 200 Orcaliums

    • 1,000 Mythical Eggs
    • 1,000 Mythical Creates
    • 1,000 Mythical Hat Creates

    • 1,000,000,…

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  • BhTux

    Stats Ideas

    August 11, 2018 by BhTux

    I have been playing the game for a while now and the game seems so interesting with endless content and i like that its grindy and up to the challenge, let me head straight to the point first idea why dont we get 1 extra stats added which is explosion power which increase the amount of blocks that got exploded it will be nice to have something like that around, second idea is why dont we get charachter stats as a miner i need to know my total power , mining speed, ore value etc... it will be great to know our stats and it will be awesome if we can see other players stats aswell it will help the game develope more, i would like to know what do you think about what i just came up with down below, and does anyone think jump power is kind of useless ? or i…

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  • GovenorRed

    New Soundtrack

    August 11, 2018 by GovenorRed

    New soundtrack- Don't like it that much. Needs specific tones. 3/10

    Old soundtrack- Really Good. Ties up with the zones. 9/10

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  • Spelpy

    Like A Sir (Hat)

    August 11, 2018 by Spelpy

    The new hat "Like A Sir" does 2.75X mining speed, 2.45X ore value, and +1000 mining power.

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  • Zeptories

    Pet Ideas

    August 7, 2018 by Zeptories

    Here are some pet Ideas

    Mystic Minotaur

    Rarity :Mythical

    Mining Power: x2.85

    Mining Speed : x2.25

    Ore Value: X2.3



    Mining Speed:x3.45



    Mining Power: x1.55

    Ore Value : x1.6



    Ore Value : x2.65

    Mining Speed :x1.35

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  • Percy44111

    Price guidlines

    August 2, 2018 by Percy44111

    In this section of the wiki i will try to have a list of items, and what they are worth. the 'currency' will be in patriotic dominuses 'Pd' and shadow dominuses 'Sd'.

    Item Type Rarity Price Limited (Y/N) How to Obtain
    Patriotic Dominus Hat Legendary 5Sd Y Purchasing the patriotic pack (no longer available).

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  • Afterwardz

    I think having different worlds in Mining Simulator is honestly awesome. Each world at certain points can help greatly with earning rebirth coins (which I will be referring to as RBCs) and rebirthing overall. But what if, during certain periods of time, all of these worlds could have even more benefits for those two things?

    Let's face it: rebirthing and RBC collecting can be an annoying process (and yes, I'm aware it should be a hard process so people are encouraged to keep playing but hear me out). Though it gets much easier pass the 5 or 10 rebirth mark, it's always annoying having to upgrade your tools and backpacks to a certain level just to get enough money to rebirth and rinsing and repeating that same process over and over. And once …

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  • Shalom Sasson

    The rarest ores

    July 29, 2018 by Shalom Sasson

    Hello everyone, today I’ll show you an ideas about ores with %0000000.1 of spawning, they’re the most worthy ores ever.

    • Amount: 1
    • Tool Required: Shadow Scythe
    • Found at:12th layer
    • Vaule: 10100
    • Only 1 spawns after the mine collapse

    • Amount: 1
    • Tool Required: Lightning Hammer
    • Found at:12th layer
    • Vaule: 10Googol
    • Only 1 spawns after the mine collapse

    • Amount: 1
    • Tool Required: Ultra Raygun
    • Found at:12th layer
    • Vaule: 10Googolplex
    • Only 1 spawns after the mine collapse

    Note:When TaranWanderer successfully mines one of them, he will get a blue screen of death that stays for a permanent time on his computer, there’s no way to get rid of it

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  • MythicalNoob


    July 29, 2018 by MythicalNoob

    I am sorry to say that for a next few week, i will be unactive since i have a lot of things to do in the next month. I will try to get back to this wiki when i can. Thank you for reading

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  • The Evolution Map.

    Godzilla World is a world in mining simulator, it is a world based on the famous Kaiju, aka Godzilla.

    • 10,000,000,000 Blocks Mined
    • 10,000 Rebirths
    • collect all hat
    • collect all skins
    • collect all pets

    Instead of Backpacks and Tools, there are 10 suits:

    • Cost: 1,000,000
    • Mining Power: 10,000
    • Storage: 100,000xamount of rebirths
    • Abilities:
    1. Atomic Breath: shoots a blue sphere that destroys 1,000 blocks

    • Cost: 1,000,000,000
    • Mining Power: 20,000
    • Storage: 200,000xamount of rebirths
    • Abilities:
    1. Atomic Breath: shoots a blue sphere that destroys 1,000 blocks

    • Cost: 1,000,000,000,000
    • Mining Power: 30,000
    • Storage: 300,000xamount of rebirths
    • Abilities:
    1. Atomic Breath: shoots a blue sphere that destroys 1,000 blocks
    2. Nuclear Pulse: a powerful version of a nuke explosion destroys 100 bl…

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  • 010OTHER

    The offical sequel to the almighty Mining Rank Ideas (not page) User Blog.

    Rank Rank Number Blocks Mined
    sotp sign miner 122 Infinite²⁰
    Fidget Spinner Miner 121 Infinite¹⁹
    Mailbox Miner (insert this mailbox is mine joke here) 120 Infinite¹⁸
    Miner Miner Miner Miner Miner 119 Infinite¹⁷
    when this baby hits 100 quadrillion blocks per hour 118 Infinite¹⁶
    how much stone would a miner mine mine if a miner could mine stone 117 Infinite¹⁵
    Videogame Miner 116 Infinite¹⁴
    Gmail Miner 115 Infinite¹³
    s t a p 114 Infinite¹²
    d u d e 113 Infinite¹¹
    b o i 112 Infinite¹⁰
    Epix Miner 111 Infinite⁹
    reniM Miner 110 Infinite⁸
    Admin Miner 109 Infinite⁷
    Super Heavenly Miner 108 Infinite⁶
    Facebook Miner 107 Infinite⁵
    Cartoon Network Miner 106 Infinite⁴
    Twitter Miner 105 Infinite³
    Youtube Miner 104 Infi…

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  • 010OTHER

    another ideas thing because why the heck not

    this is still in beta

    Icon Name Rarity Code
    Tiberium Legendary None (Crate only)
    Trichrome Gradient Epic Trychrome (Code only)
    Black N' White Epic None (Crate only)
    Aqua with the touch of Gradient Epic None (Crate only) Read more >
  • Whill Pro

    Game Ideas

    July 28, 2018 by Whill Pro


    Name Base Price Description Storage
    Doggo Pack 90,000,000 A dog backpack, interesting 12,500,000
    Heaven Pack 175,000,000 The scientists discovered a backpack like the one that Isaac Newton created 35,000,000
    Oof Head Pack 350,000,000 It's a backpack that literally is OOF 75,000,000
    SemiQuantum Backpack 1,000,000,000 Another backpack of scientists, I wonder why they do not create a backpack that is not so big? 250,000,000
    Quantum Backpack v.2 15,000 Rebirth Tokens Quantum Backpack but is created by Sir Isaac (No Newton) 1,000,000,000 Read more >
  • Weird Polygon Alt

    Game Ideas

    July 28, 2018 by Weird Polygon Alt

    Flashes shades of green and light/dark blue.

    0.01% chance from Omega Crates/Epic Eggs

    0.5% chance from Legendary Eggs/Crates

    5% chance from Mythical Eggs/Crates

    100% chance from Omnipotent Eggs/Crates

    Omnipotent Tier crates/eggs cost 5k Rebirth Tokens.

    Feel free to add onto this tier idea!


    3.2x all stats.

    Wormhole Fireball:

    3x all stats.

    More will come later, I'm just lazy and it's just a quick little idea. :D

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  • ForTheLolz1121

    Game Ideas

    July 28, 2018 by ForTheLolz1121
    • Color Pet's - Color Pet's would be special pet's that would have "special" color's. Example color's would be, Maroon, Tropical Green, and Cyan.
    • Pet Patterns - Pet Patterns would be a pretty big new thing in the game that would let the player give there pet patterns. An example pattern would be Stripes.

    Pet Idea's

    • Worm - Mining Power:2.9 - Mining Speed:2.7 - Desc: "It's a worm.. that's all." - Rarity: Rare
    • Hatching Egg - Ore Value:1.8 - Jump Power:2.0 - Desc: "It didn't even hatch yet." - Rarity: Rare

    All make more idea's soon! :3

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  • WindyEvolutionz

    Game Ideas

    July 28, 2018 by WindyEvolutionz

    Item name Description Base Price Mining speed/Storage Mining power
    football sword Isn't that good? A FOOTBALL!! 10,000,000 150x 250

    Mysterium Dragon- Mythical - 3.0x mining speed 3.7x mining power and 4.0x ore value

    Dual pet gamepass - HAVE TWO PET EQUIPPED AT ONE TIME!

    Lucky spin - group benefits- can be use again after 2 days - Gives you a chances for

    • Mythical egg
    • Mythical skin crate
    • Mythical hat crate
    • 120 rebirth tokens
    • 102000 coins
    • 1000 rebirth tokens (SUPER LOW OF LOW OF LOW OF LOW CHANCE!)
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  • OpWolf35

    Game Ideas

    July 28, 2018 by OpWolf35

    My Ideas
    Name Desc Base Price Storage/Mine Power;Speed
    LavaBag Store your ores in this bag, don't worry your ores won't melt! 8,000,000 1,000,000
    HeatPick Mine fast with this, it WILL help 10,000,000 1,000 Read more >
  • Bufomofo

    Game Ideas

    July 28, 2018 by Bufomofo

    1. Add the sell button to the rebirth backpacks.

    2. You earn +1 token on top of the base 20 tokens every 10th time you rebirth (less grindy and tedious for getting tokens)

    3. And i really dont get the rebirth shop mythical tier prices (too expensive compared to legendary tier)

    4. If there will be event items, let us buy it also with tokens

    5. Why do we even have to pay for the collapse timer (make it a standard function that everyone can use?)

    6. Nobody uses pets or hats for walkspeed anymore so add a sprint button?

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  • The Evolution Map.

    Game Ideas

    July 28, 2018 by The Evolution Map.

    My ideas are something that is much rarer than Mythical, something that will be impressive.

    Ultra is a rarity, it will be much rarer than Epic, next tier is Omega.

    Omega is a rarity, it will be much rarer than Ultra, next tier is Legendary.

    God is a rarity, it will be much rarer than Legendary, next tier is Mythical.

    Prodigious is the highest tier, it will be the rarest tier ever.

    The Omega Rarity and the Improved Omega Crates + The New Omega Egg

    Crate Type/Egg Type Precentage (based on the crate/egg type) Number of Skins Number of Hats Types of Pets
    Omega Crate (improved version) 1% Common, 10% Unique, 10% Rare, 20% Epic, 4% Ultra, 50% Omega, 5% Legendary 5 Skins N/A N/A
    Omega Hat Crate (improved version) 4.8% Common, 5% Unique, 25% Rare, 10% Epi…

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  • Tinlot

    Game Ideas

    July 28, 2018 by Tinlot

    Note: I am still working on this.

    This is an example of a mod I would make to make the game more grindey. Additionally, costs would not go up after rebirths. Rebirths would only give you 1.1x ore value

    The amount of rebirth tokens you get depends on what rebirth you are on. The number of rebirth tokens received would increase by 5 every 10 rebirths.

    Space Adventure would now be accessible after completing 5 rebirths, and it would be the only place you could mine at from 5-10 rebirths. All space ores would have a 0.5x value. You will automatically start out with a 500 capacity backpack.

    New Tools
    Name Desc Cost Storage/Mine Power;Speed
    Space Shovel Yet another shovel. 250,000 Mining Power:45

    Speed Boost:x50

    Opal Pickaxe This pickaxe was made from t…

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  • Zibru

    Game Ideas

    July 28, 2018 by Zibru

    I really think that The amount of "Rebirth Tokens" should be increased based on how many coins a player has. Here is my idea: The base for rebirthing should remain at 20 tokens, but a good this to do wpuld be to add 1 extra token for every 75milion the player has so for example if a player is at 10 rebirths and they have $110 million they could rebirth and recive 20 tokens, or they could continue to collect money and once the player reaches $185 million they would recieve 21 "Rebirth tokens" adding an additonal token for every 75 million the player earns.

    I understand that the developer's are very busy, but i think the community would very much need and enjoy this addition to the game, after all its hard to play if your not pay2win.

    IGN: Zac…

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  • Lime Marble

    Game Ideas

    July 28, 2018 by Lime Marble

    Considering that it is currently possible to get over 1B cash in less than an hour(Excluding rebirth multiplier), it would be a good idea to add a bonus to token rewards depending on how far you are above the rebirth cost. Something like:

    (Coins/Rebirth Cost)^0,5 could be a multiplicative bonus to the 20 coins (40 with the new gamepass) on rebirth.

    These are the abilities for buying some of the weapons in the shop!

    Idea: You can also have a gamepass to buy to make these cooldown go down faster!

    Tools Ability Power Radius Cooldown
    Flamethrower Burn ores for 5 second 20 per second 1 Ore 5 Second
    Deathdrill Penetrate vertically down 10000 30 Blocks Down 3 Minute
    Bloxy Able to turn ores around change value Increase Value of Ores around it by x15 Arou…

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  • GDhaxer95

    Game Ideas

    July 28, 2018 by GDhaxer95

    • Laser Mining Gun : Cost 16M Coins, Power of 530, Mining Speed of x300, Avaible only if you Rebirthed 1 time or more and mined 1 Million Blocks.
    • Atomic Disassembler : Cost 22M Coins, Power of 600, Mining Speed of x250, Avaible only if you Rebirthed 2 times or more and mined 2 Million Blocks.
    • The Claw : Cost 35M Coins, Power of 600, Mining Speed of x325, Avaible only if you Rebirthed 3 times or more and mined 5 Million Blocks.
    • The Legendary Spoon : Cost 50M Coins, Power of 650, Mining Speed of x450, Avaible only if you Rebirthed 5 times or more and mined 10 Million Blocks.
    • K.O Fist : Cost 106M Coins, Power of 800, Mining Speed of x400, Avaible only if you Rebirthed 10 Times or more and mined 20 Million Blocks.
    • Wreaking Ball : Cost 204M Coins, Power of…

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  • Qwertyhp10 the first

    Game Ideas

    July 28, 2018 by Qwertyhp10 the first

    Tool name Tool price Mining power Mining speed/ Blast size
    Armageddon Nuke 8000 R$ 2000 (Blast) 100
    Legendary Sythe 3000 R$ 900 100
    Godly Sythe 1,000,000 coins or 9999 R$ 2500 250
    Bronze Pickaxe 60 coins 4 4 Read more >
  • Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer

    Game Ideas

    July 28, 2018 by Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer

    Add in load outs for hats and pets so you can switch between different setups immediately

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  • Brynda1231

    Game Ideas

    July 28, 2018 by Brynda1231

    My Ideas
    Name Desc Base Price Storage/Mine Power;Speed
    LavaBag Keep items in this hot, hot bag 8,000,000 6,284,966
    LavaPick Mine fast 10,000,000 675;300
    TheCore Store items in this hot, hot bag 87,654,321 90,000,001
    Pick of the Core A pick made from the core of the Sun 292,929,292 2,999;789
    Name Value Strength Depth Hardness
    LavaSurface 4 1 1-1 1
    LavaStone1 30 50 2-49 1
    LavaStone2 30 150 50-98 1
    LavaStone3 30 625 99-175 1
    LavaStone4 30 1,268 176-253 1
    LavaStone5 30 2,121 254-302 1
    LavaStone6 30 5,959 303-400 1
    LavaStone7 30 21,944 401-599 1
    LavaStone8 30 42,955 >600 1
    LavaOre 390 1 30 4
    Lavite 730 1 60 8
    SuniStone 2,059 1 102 13
    HotRock 6,013 1 108 19
    MoltenMetal 13,295 1 167 24
    MoltenIron 34,303 1 192 28
    MoltenGold 75,012 1 250 37
    SunRock 200,008 1 301 50 …

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  • Erik dimitrov rocha vieira

    Amethyst: 10K Ore Value, Requires Thin Drill or More to Mine, Layer 5+ or More.

    Topaz: 30-50K Ore Value, Requires JackHammer or More to Mine, Layer 7+ or More.

    Opal: 120K Ore Value, Requires Laser Gun or More to Mine, Layer 11+ or More

    Cobalt Dominus (x2.0 Mining Speed) (x1.5 Ore Value) (x2.4 Mining Power)
    Robux Dominus (x1.8 Mining Speed) (x3.2 Ore Value) (x1.4 Mining Power)
    Lava Dominus (x3.0 Mining Speed) (x1.2 Ore Value) (x2.6 Mining Power)
    Diamond Dominus (x1.4 Mining Speed) (x2.5 Ore Value) (x1.6 Mining Power)
    Solar Dominus (x2.5 Mining Speed) (x2.0 Ore Value) (x2.5 Mining Power)
    Rainbow Dominus (x2.4 Mining Speed) (x2.4 Ore Value) (x1.8 Mining Power)
    Zebra Dominus (x1.8 Mining Speed) (x2.2 Ore Value) (x2.4 Mining Power)
    Opal Dominus (x1…

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  • Shalom Sasson

    Ore Ideas

    July 28, 2018 by Shalom Sasson

    Picture Name Value Layer Rarity Effects Tool Needed
    PRODIGIOUS Ore 25,000 -100,000 (If you didn't Rebirthed), 250,000 (If you rebirthed for the first time), 500,000 (If you rebirthed for the third time), 750,000 (If you rebirthed for the fifth time) and 1,000,000 (If you rebirthed for the tenth time) 10+ (Unreleased) Legendary Gold Glow Ultra Ray Gun Read more >
  • Connordork

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  • MythicalNoob

    🤔 I want Runway Rumble to create a robux explosive called Dying Star, a pulsating bright ball that glow for several second before exploding in a supernova with infinite blast radius and 100 damage, and then it shrink into an infinitely small point and creating a black hole, and the black hole slowly eats up block around it and expand, and keep expanding and swallowing blocks until the mine collapse. This explosive should cost 999,999,999R$, becuz it is supposed to be a joke. Though this could be made less overpowered and could actually be a good idea for a new item... Thoughts? I wanna highlight the fact that this thing could do damage over time, since i found this idea pretty cool. Maybe they should make something that we could plant on a…

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  • 010OTHER

    (to be clear here, there was no infobox for mining ranks, so yea...had to use source. and this is fan content btw, so mods, dont delete this, its ment to be fan content)

    If you wanna recommend some more, tell me in the comments and ill add it. :3 (also yes people are complaining that this should be in blog posts) Some ideas like Elite Miner, Impossible Miner, etc. were recommended by User:Erik dimitrov rocha vieira.

    Rank Rank Number Blocks Mined
    sotp sign miner 122 Infinite²⁰
    Fidget Spinner Miner 121 Infinite¹⁹
    Mailbox Miner (insert this mailbox is mine joke here) 120 Infinite¹⁸
    Miner Miner Miner Miner Miner 119 Infinite¹⁷
    when this baby hits 100 quadrillion blocks per hour 118 Infinite¹⁶
    how much stone would a miner mine mine if a miner could mine sto…

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  • Witjo

    When rebirthing always go to atlantis, it has the highest value stone. Dig down to 35k blocks and only go for stone. If you find an ancient stone at this level, you only need 1 to rebirth, mine that stone and sell it for an easy rebirth (May be able to rebirth 2 times with one stone depending on your stats)

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  • DelMosso

    What pet is better

    July 24, 2018 by DelMosso

    Hey uh,which is better crab or clouticorn?

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  • Czary2

    Mining Simulator

    July 23, 2018 by Czary2

    I use 3 Phantom Dominus, this is my favourite hat. My pet is Rainbowcorn level 9. I have Galactic Bucket and  Poseidon's Trident this items is for 3500 tokens in rebirth shop. My Tool and Backpack skin are Toxic. I have 406 rebirths and 694,000,000 blocks mined. My rank is 24/7 Miner. My favourite world in mining simulator is Beach. Minining Simulator is my favourite game in roblox.

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  • Realzombiesmt


    July 23, 2018 by Realzombiesmt

    Need 1 wings of a patriot and 1 clout goggles and rainbowcorn im giving bunny ears and patriotic dominus for them my username is realzombiesmt

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  • XyrioNNN

    hello friends
    ı recently got a lightning raptor
    But why don't my pets increase my ore value , power and mining speed

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  • Sid2121


    July 21, 2018 by Sid2121


    • WATER WINGS-2*
    • WINGS OF A PATRIOT-0 $$$$$$$
    • {| style="height: 250px; width: 250px;" class="article-table" cellspacing="1" cellpadding="1" border="0" align="right"

    |- ! scope="col"| KEY!!!!



    1 OR MORE MEANS FOR TRADE (DEPENDS) ! scope="col"| |- | | |} CLOUT GOGGLES-0 $$

    • FIRE TAIL-0 $
    • EPIC!!EPIC!!EPIC!!
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  • VampiricTutor

    i dont know if im in the right page. so  im going to make it quick , how accurate is the inventory sorting of items? maybe adding a manual settings like a drag and drop will be the best thing if it happens.  

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  • Sowhat2008

    • Cloud (replaced from stone)
    • Star ore
    • Sparkles ore
    • Lightning ore
    • Meteor ore
    • Galaxy ore
    • Krixanium
    • Godly Gem

    • Magical Chest
    • Mythical Chest
    • Unobtainable Chest
    • Glowing Chest

    • Blood (replaced from stone)
    • Fire ore
    • Dark stone
    • Black Hole ore
    • Dark matter ore
    • Shadow Stone

    • Shadow Chest

    • Random Colourized block (replaced from stone)
    • Google ore
    • Google Chrome ore
    • Minecraft Logo ore
    • ROBLOX Logo ore
    • Virus ore

    • Metal
    • Red Crystal
    • Blue Crystal
    • Green Crystal
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  • Db153

    Wiki Improvement

    July 14, 2018 by Db153

    This is a place to share your thoughts and ideas pertaining to this wiki (not Mining Simulator itself). This could include things like management, structure, style, and et cetera. Any user can voice their opinion and help improve the site. Wikis are community projects, so everyone's opinion matters.

    Simply comment below if you have anything to share!

    You can add a poll to your comment by using the following code in Source Mode (looks like [ ]). You can add more than two options, but try not to add too many. Do not abuse this feature!

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  • RoboPooma

    the number one reason I love mining simulator, is because there are different dimensions you can enter, such as candy land, food land, Atlantis, etc. the rebirth shop is also one of the number one things I love about mining sim, is because in other simulator games for Roblox, if you rebirth, it doesn't give you rebirth tokens, so you can buy awesome items in the rebirth shop.

    the number two reason I love mining simulator, is because if you don't have any pet, hat, or skins for your tools, it wouldn't as much fun (well, in my opinion!). I also love trading, although sometimes there could be dupers, (thanks for the definition, deeno!) which I despise.

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  • Pokemanjon2

    Pet Ideas

    July 11, 2018 by Pokemanjon2

    • [Mythical ]Turtle: -1 walkspeed and mining speed , +1000 mining power,+1.55 ore value
    • [Legendary]Giraffe: +2 tool range,+100 mining power,+1.2 ore value
    • [Epic]Elephant: +200 mining power,+0.5 ore value,+1 tool range
    • [Rare]Monkey: +15 jump power,+10 walkspeed
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  • PhoenixEvolver

    It is highly recommended that you put a screenshot of your hats and a table of your setup on your profile. This proves that you actually want to use this wiki and not vandalize it like BIGALF123 and Supergirl112108. Make sure your Username is show and your Pet's Default name is somewhere on the screen.

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  • Kelogish


    After having mined 2,000,000,000+ Blocks and 2000+ rebirths, I think I am eligible to guide you guys.

    • FARMING REBIRTHS: Best Equipment--> Crimson Dominus, Patriot Wings, Skeleton Wings. (Go for highest Ore Value)

    > 0-15: That should be easy and not take more than 45 minutes. First of all, it does help to get the VIP Pass, 2x Dig, Teleporter and 2x Tokens but if you are broke (like I was before) then u don't need it. At the start, you should already have a decent tool (higher than flamethrower) and a good backpack (50,000+). Dig down to 150+ blocks and make a spacious cave. Only dig the stone around the ores, not the ores themselves! If you only take the stone around the ores you will be well prepared for…

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  • The Evolution Map.

    Hello everyone, today I'll show you my only Robux Tools ideas:

    • Robux:2,500 R$
    • Mining power:2,500
    • Speed boost:250

    • Robux: 3,000 R$
    • Mining power:5,000
    • Speed boost:500

    • Robux:7,500 R$
    • Mining power:7,500
    • Speed boost:750

    • Robux:9,000 R$
    • Mining power:10,000
    • Speed boost:1,000

    • Robux:20,000 R$
    • Mining power:25,000-100,000
    • Blast size:1,000
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  • Vegabile

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    My name is vegabile a mining simulator player on the rise. I have 680 rebirths at the time i am writing this. I have 200M blocks mined at the moment. I am trying to prove you can get rich with no robux.

    If your pay to win get

    Inf Pack


    Double Rebirth tokens


    If your broke like me then please consider the following

    Get the Galatic Bucket Pack

    Get the Poseidon Trident later on get Demon Reaper


    My set at the moment.

    Shadow Dominus

    Essence Wings …

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  • The Evolution Map.

    Hello everyone, it's me The Evolution Map., and I'll show you my Backpack ideas, I'll include 10 Backpacks:

    • Price: 30,500,250
    • Storage: 9,000,000
    • Purchased in: Main World

    • Price: 45,150,250
    • Storage: 10,000,000
    • Purchased in: Main World

    • Price: 50,000,000
    • Storage: 12,500,000
    • Purchased in: Main World

    • Price: 66,666,666
    • Storage: 15,000,500
    • Purchased in: Main World

    • Price:75,150,250
    • Storage: 25,000,000
    • Purchased in: Main World

    • Price: 200,000 Tokens
    • Storage: 50,000,000
    • Rebirths Required: 10,000

    • Price: 500,000 Tokens
    • Storage: 75,000,000
    • Rebirths Required: 25,000

    • Price: 1,000,000 Tokens
    • Storage: 100,000,000
    • Rebirth Required: 50,000

    • Price: 1,000 R$
    • Storage: 500,000,000
    • Sell Button: Will sell once you get 250,000,000 Blocks

    • Price: 10,000 R$
    • Storage: 1,000,000,000
    • Sell Button: Only if…

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