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β€’ 1d

1k Edits!

I finally got a thousand edits! :DDDD

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β€’ 3d

i think you guys are exaggerating the value of Galacticorn

i mean sure theres only 50 in existence (not counting duped ones) but you guys are asking for waaaayyyy too much for one.

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β€’ 1/13/2019

People are accusing me of scamming.

There are two liars that are accusing me of scamming, they are nicodecock123 and Arthurd2007. It would be very appreciated if someone told one of them that I'm a trusted trader and to stop posting false rumors about me.

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β€’ 1/11/2019

[CLOSED] Poll - Hat Pages

❗ The poll closed on January 14, 2019. The result is for the template to be KEPT. Thank you for voting. ❗

As you may know, hat pages are the only pages with a template used for automatically adding a pre-created description. While for the most part this has increased the quality of hat pages, I've decided to see if there any thoughts on whether it should stay or not, as I have recently been contemplating it.

KEEP: Consistency in pages, drastically easier to make changes to all pages, auto-categorisation, easier for creating new hat pages, potentially results in less vandals.

REMOVE: Not many users know how to use it, personally it feels too automated for a wiki, vandal protection is less necessary considering the popularity is lowering, generally unnecessary.

Please reply to the post if you would like to share your opinions on the matter. Any input is appreciated.

Should the "Description-Hat" template be removed from all hat pages?
  • Yes, remove the template. 13%
  • No, keep the template. 25%
  • Not sure... 63%
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β€’ 1/11/2019

Good night

My 5 month break from fandom will start On Sunday. I may never return to fandom or roblox but that’s a decision I have to make, and fast. I will miss you all. If things go good I may come back early, but if it doesn’t I may never return to fandom and roblox. Thank you to everyone who made this one of the happiest places to go to in the time of my troubles. Life isn’t great at the moment. It’s full of scammers, family problems and even deaths. I just have to stop and think for a while. Thank you to everyone who encouraged me during the hard time I am having and I hope I will see you guys again.- your friend, Nexium X

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β€’ 1/11/2019

ICS will be my main simulator

Mining Simulator was fun, but now I have to move on. No updates, no play. I’m now going to play Ice Cream Simulator more. What simulators are you guys going to move on to?

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β€’ 1/11/2019
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β€’ 1/9/2019
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β€’ 1/9/2019

im changing my profile pic

since someones impersonating me

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β€’ 1/9/2019



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β€’ 1/9/2019

The State of The wiki

As many of you know, we have had minor updates for MS. I hoped that while MS went away, the wiki wouldn't but the sad truth is. Almost all admins have retired. The only admin left is Deeno.

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β€’ 1/9/2019

Discord Announcement

What do you think? MS going to be dead within the next couple of months? Is it worth carrying on with it?

Issac (On Discord)

Mining Simulator will only be receiving minor updates in future (I will try my best to update on special events but no promises). We have updated the game 40 times this year, give or take, and for a while I did nothing but Mining Simulator for months. Now that I'm back in University again, it's simply not feasible to update 2 games at once, attend classes, stream, and still have some time for myself.

You can only work on something for so long without needing a break. I may come back eventually and start on big updates again, but for the time being it's simply not possible for me. I'm only 19, and there's only so much I can do.

Hopefully you all understand, and hope you all have a great day

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β€’ 1/8/2019

Trading Mining Sim items for Murder Mystery 2 items, BGS items, and Flee the Facility items.

I'm trading Mining Sim items for Murder Mystery 2 Items, BGS items, and Flee the Facility items. (I won't go first). While trading, feel free to record and vouch me on the Trade Whitelist after we are done. Also, go ahead and ask anyone if I'm a scammer and see what they'll say.

Username: iiS1N


Looking for good Legendaries in BGS.

Looking for ANY Gemstones and ANY Hammers in Flee the Facility.

Looking for any Godly or Legendary (Here are some that I'm looking for): Laser, Blaster, Hallow's Edge, Chroma Boneblade, BattleAxe, Deathshard, Shark, Old Glory, Luger, Chroma Gingerblade, Gingerblade, JD, Web, Rupture, Green Elite, Tree (Gun), Tree (Knife), Cotton Candy, Scratch.

Some items that I can possibly trade (I also have other items): Clout Goggles, XL Clout Goggles, Legendary Hat Crates, Mythical Hat Crates, Halloween Clout Goggles, lvl 10 Shiny Devil, lvl 5 Shiny Rainbow Blob, Bunny Ears, lvl 10 Shiny 8 Legged Oof, Wings of a Patriot, Patriotic Blob, lvl 1 Shiny Inferno Dragon, lvl 2 Shiny Evil Crawler, lvl 1 Shiny Rainbow 8 Leg, Light Dominus, Dark Eyeball, Sam's Snorkel, Pumpkin Inferno, Starry Patriot, Eggs (Skin), Like a Sir, and more.

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β€’ 1/6/2019

My Version Of The Easter Update (JOKE)

(This is a joke because it is supposed to represent how Mining Sim is getting less and less updates. Enjoy.)

In this update, there is a new Easter land with some stuff in it. For example, there’s only one quest giver, and that is the Easter Bunny. He has 10 Quests for you, and after all of them, he gives you 2019 Bunny Ears. There are 10 pets hatchable through eggs in this update - 2 for each rareness Level. There is also a daily shop! The exclusive pets are Easter Reaper and Choco Pupper. There are 12 hats obtainable through hat crates in this update - 2 for each rareness Level. The currency in this update is Chocolate Eggs. For 120k Chocolate Eggs, you can get Easter Clout.

Do you think Mining Sim will get an Easter Update?
  • Yes, and it will be huge.
  • Yes, but it will be limited.
  • No, Mining Sim will not get an Easter update.
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β€’ 1/5/2019
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β€’ 1/5/2019

BGS Update. No MS News though :(

From Isaac on Discord:

Update is expected to come out in 2-4 hours (NO GUARANTEES). There's a ton of content and we're making sure there's no bugs. Please understand and give us time

Really hoping MS gets a little love too!

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β€’ 1/4/2019


Guys I don’t know about this... I don’t really know what’s going on but Jambrose told me to share this

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β€’ 1/3/2019
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β€’ 1/3/2019

The Current State of roblox games

I feel as if ROBLOX games have become less engaging to most people, while we have well made games such as jailbreak, MS, BGS, and many others. They get boring after a while, many simulators get boring after about 10 minutes if you are a free to play player, and then you watch youtubers who have MANY robux and blow through the entire game in a 14 minute video. I want to find some people can can help me build a game that people will find engaging.

Would you help me?
  • Sure!
  • Yesn't (no)
  • Maybe
  • No, I have too little time even though i spend hours here
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β€’ 1/3/2019

Backpack problem

i bought backpack with rebirth coins and now after every rebirth it changed my backpack to the one i bought and not to the most regular backpack. how can i change it back to the regular?

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